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Yoga is a centuries-old form of mind-body meditation that has its roots in India. Yoga includes breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, and asanas (postures). Yoga, which blends body movements (via yoga postures) with the breath, derives its verbal meaning from the Sanskrit verb root yoke. The practice of yoga can also align the mind, body, and soul.

Everyday Yoga is a fast-growing yoga shop where you can get all your yoga accessories to get started at home. The experience at EverydayYoga.com is wholly comprehensive. The many brands they carry are all true to yoga and its practice. You can discover all your yoga necessities on their website, regardless of where you are in your practice.

About EverydayYoga

As more and more people become aware of its many advantages, yoga has grown in popularity worldwide. A yogi’s work is mostly focused on serving others. With yoga and an active lifestyle, EverydayYoga aims to motivate as many people as possible to lead healthier lifestyles.

“I discovered yoga about seven years ago and primarily practice vinyasa and yin yoga. If it wasn’t for yoga, I would not be where I am today. It has helped me so much and in so many ways. I am thankful for all the great yogis who have taught me over the years.” – Avi Benaroya (founder and CEO of EverydayYoga) said.

At EverydayYoga.com, they hand-pick businesses that genuinely get the value of yoga. They prize businesses that are growing thanks to the enthusiasm, a good outlook, and excellence. To help both new and experienced yogis flourish, they search for companies that give back to the community and offer education. They are more than just a store; they are a center for developing your yoga practice.

Best Selling EverydayYoga Products

At EverydayYoga you can get everything to get your yoga practice started. They have a wide range of products from yoga clothing to accessories, yoga mats and props, home and wellness products etc. Let’s look at some of their best selling products.

Everyday Yoga High Waisted Go-To Pocket Leggings

The Everyday Yoga High Waisted Go-To Pocket Legging is ideal for yoga and other activities because it is made to last. The side pockets are ideal for storing your smartphone or other small items, while the very high waisted waistband fits nicely around your lower stomach for support and coverage. Additionally, they are quite flexible and soft, making it easy for you to move both on and off the mat. This legging is unbeatable with an enlarged size range of X-Small to XX-Large!

Buy now at EverydayYoga for $16.99 $48.00

Jala Bhakti Pant

Buy now at EverydayYoga for $76.00.

Yak & Yeti Men’s Bohemian Long Sleeve

Use this Bohemian Long Sleeve top after your yoga session or wear with your favorite pair of jeans for a laid-back look.

Buy now at EverydayYoga for $19.95 $27.00.

Yak & Yeti Men’s Button Up Kurta Shirt Solid Color

Keep it casual in the Yak & Yeti Men’s Button-Up Kurta Shirt Solid Color.

Buy it now on EverydayYoga for $30.00.

Everyday Yoga Cork Yoga Block 

Searching for a replacement for your foam block? Use the sturdy Everyday Yoga Cork Yoga Block to support your exercises. This compact block is exceptionally strong, convenient to store, and lightweight because it is made of tough cork.

Buy it now on EverydayYoga for $15.98 $19.00.

Everyday Yoga 10 Foot Yoga Strap D-Ring

Use the Everyday Yoga 10 Foot Yoga Strap D-Ring to stretch out. Use this strap to extend your range of motion and make it easier to strike more difficult poses.

Buy it now on EverydayYoga for $6.48 $9.50.

Hugger Mugger Quilted Mat Bag

Don’t leave home without all your yoga essentials! This Quilted Mat Bag is large enough to fit not only your bag, but any props and even a change of clothes.

Buy it now on EverydayYoga for $47.95 

Shipping and Returns

They provide a flat $5.99 Standard delivery rate, in contrast to many other websites that charge expensive shipping fees and raise them as the value of your transaction increases. Your order will ship for FREE using standard 2-7 business day delivery if you spend more than $75.

At EverydayYoga.com, they want you to be completely delighted with every purchase you make. Within 30 days, you may return any item for any reason as long as it is brand-new and unused.

Customer Service 

They provide live chat and phone help every day of the week. They will respond to emails sent to them within two business days.


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