6 Kinds Soup Diet That Helps You Lose Weight Fast

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A soup diet is commonly an eating plan for a short period that is intended to assist people with getting thinner rapidly. Rather than one single soup diet, there are a variety of soup-based weight control plans. While some include just eating soup for the length of the eating plan, others additionally incorporate a restrictive list of nourishments that are allowed to eat. As the thought is to get in shape rapidly, the vast majority of these weight control plans are just intended to keep going for 5–10 days. 

This article audits various kinds of soup diets, the advantages and disadvantages of these eating regimens, and whether a soup diet is viable for weight reduction.

Kinds of soup diet

There are numerous sorts of soup diets, with a portion of the more well-known ones given beneath. Simply remember that there’s right now no exploration of the viability of these particular weight control plans. 

1. Broth-based soup diet

Broth-based soup food plans by and large keep going for 7 days. Notwithstanding, some can keep going up to 10–14 days. Over that time, defenders of a broth-based eating routine case you can lose up to 4.5 to 9 kg (10-20 pounds). In a Broth-based soup diet, there is a restriction on cream-based soups, as they’re higher in fat and calories. Rather, you’re urged to intake homemade or choose canned broth-based soups that incorporate vegetables and protein. While a few projects suggest just eating broth-based soups, others may take into account limited quantities of low-calorie alternatives like lean proteins, nonfat dairy, and non-starchy vegetables.

2. Bean soup diet

One of the more well-known bean soup eating regimen is from Michael Greger, MD, writer of “How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.” The eating routine empowers eating Dr. Greger’s Champion Vegetable Bean Soup up to two times per day. Notwithstanding the soup, you’re permitted to take any oil-less, plant-based nourishments, similar to whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. While there’s no calorie limitation, the eating regimen suggests constraining admission of calorie-thick nourishments like dried fruits and nuts for ideal weight reduction results. Different from other soup diets, Greger’s is intended to be a long-lasting movement to a plant-based eating regimen. Defenders of this eating regimen guarantee you can shed 9–16 pounds (4–7 kg) in simply the primary week. There’s as of now no examination on Greger’s bean soup diet. Be that as it may, plant-based eating regimens have been connected to benefits for weight reduction and a healthier heart.

3. Cabbage soup diet

One of the most mainstream soup plans, the cabbage soup diet is meant to be a 7-day eating plan that includes eating a vegetarian-or non-vegetarian-broth-based soup that includes cabbage and other low carb vegetables. Notwithstanding cabbage soup, you can likewise have a couple of other low-calorie nourishments, for example, leafy greens or skim milk. On the off chance that following the dinner plan intently, the eating regimen claims you can lose as much as 10 pounds (4.5 kg) within 7 days. 

4. Chicken soup diet

The chicken soup diet is considered as a 7-day weight reduction diet that includes eating chicken soup for each supper aside from breakfast. For your morning feast, you can choose from five low-calorie choices, which incorporate nourishments like nonfat milk and yogurt, whole grain oat or bread, fat-free cheese, and fresh fruits. For the remainder of the day, the eating regimen suggests intaking continuous little segments of homemade chicken soup for the entire day. By eating little, regular parts of soup, the eating regimen claims it will help decrease cravings and makes you feel full. The soup carries low calories and carbs, as it’s made with cooked chicken, broth, aromatics like garlic and onion, and a lot of non-starchy vegetables, inclusive of carrots, collard greens, turnips, and broccoli. 

5. Keto soup diet

Intended for those following the ketogenic (keto), Whole30, paleo, or some other low carb diet, the trending keto soup diet promises it can assist people with losing as much as 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in only 5 days. Likewise, with the basic keto diet, the soup form is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet. The program gives 1,200–1,400 calories for every day, restricts carbs to 20 grams for every day and confines nuts, dairy, and artificial sugars. 

The arrangement suggests having a similar breakfast every day, which comprises of eggs, bacon, butter, avocado, and also unsweetened espresso. One kind of low carb, high fat snack is likewise permitted, for example, celery with a keto-friendly salad with tuna. The remaining day, you can have keto soup (4 cups), split among lunch and supper. The recipe of the soup incorporates items like chicken, bacon, mushrooms, chicken stalk, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, and various low carb vegetables and herbs. 

6. Sacred Heart soup diet

Just like the cabbage soup diet, the amazing Sacred Heart soup diet is scheduled for a 7-day eating routine that comprises for the most part of a broth-based soup along with non-starchy vegetables. Even though various low-calorie nourishments are permitted, the eating regimen is particular about which nourishments can be incorporated every day. When followed intently, the Sacred Heart soup diet professes to assist you with shedding 10–17 pounds (4.5–8 kg) in 7 days.

Does soup diets help in weight reduction? 

Observational examinations have discovered people who routinely eat soup will in general have a lesser body mass index (BMI) and are less inclined to suffer from obesity, in contrast with the individuals who don’t eat soup by any means. The motivation behind why soup is connected to lowering down bodyweight is obscure. A few investigations recommend that soup might help provide a feeling of fullness. Consequently, consistently eating soup may help diminish the number of calories you eat every day.

It’s likewise essential to consider different components that could clarify this relationship, for example, social or hereditary differences between people who consistently eat soup and the individuals who don’t. By and large, progressively thorough and long-term researches are expected to affirm the potential weight reduction advantages of eating soup. Another thing to mention is that soup utilization hasn’t been appeared to lessen the danger of metabolic syndrome, a bunch of conditions that increase your chance of being diagnosed with heart illness, and type 2 diabetes.

With respect to particular soup diets, there’s right now no logical proof on their result for weight reduction. However, as the majority of soup diets bring about a critical decrease in calories, adopting them will probably assist you with getting more fit. What’s more, the fewer calories you consume on a soup diet, by and large, the more weight will decrease. Simply remember that similarly like other low-calorie diets, the greater part of the weight lost over the 5–10 days is likely because of water and not fat loss.

Besides, as the eating regimens are for the most part for just a week or less, you’ll likely to gain the weight you lost except if you’re ready to progress into a sustainable weight reduction diet plan. As the bean soup diet suggests progressing into a plant-based eating routine, it might have preferable long-term accomplishment over the others.

Possible advantages

Further to help you get in shape rapidly, soup diets may offer extra advantages, including: 

  • More vegetable consumption– Vegetables give important nutrients and valuable plant-compounds. In addition, larger consumption has been connected to a diminished danger of weight increase and obesity. 
  • More fiber consumption– As they’re frequently high in vegetables, and at times contain beans, fruits or whole grains, these eating regimens can give a not too bad dose of fiber, which may help diminish hunger. 
  • More water consumption– These weight control plans can improve water consumption for the entire of the day. Adding to supporting various basic workings in the body, research recommends more water admission may help in weight reduction. 
  • Simple to follow– Similarly as with other popular weight control plans, soup diets commonly have rigid rules that make them simple to follow. 
  • Promoting plant-based eating– A few, similar to the bean soup diet, can assist you with progressing into a better plant-based eating routine. Eating a plant-based eating regimen has been connected to a decreased danger of obesity and supporting weight reduction. 

In any case, remember that only within fourteen days of more vegetables, water, and fiber consumption is probably not going to have any important advantages for long-term weight and wellbeing, except if following the eating regimen encourages you to make lifestyle changes.


Except for Greger’s bean soup diet, probably the greatest drawback to soup diets is that the majority of them aren’t intended to be followed for more than 5–10 days. In this manner, except if you have an increasingly sustainable eating routine to progress to, you’ll likely recover any weight you lose on the eating routine. 

Moreover, researches recommend that when you enormously limit calorie consumption or lose a reasonable measure of weight rapidly, there’s a decrease in your metabolic rate. This implies your body starts to consume fewer calories every day than it did previously. Therefore, in the wake of going off the eating routine, your brought down digestion may make it harder to keep up your weight reduction. 

Moreover, as soup diets such as the cabbage soup diet as well as the Sacred Heart diet are very rigid in the sorts and measures of nourishments permitted, there’s a worry for deficiency in nutrition intake. While eating a confined eating routine for only 5 to 10 days is probably not going to bring about visible deficiencies in nutrition, particularly if having a multivitamin, essentially decreasing calorie consumption can prompt symptoms, for example, weakness, fatigue, or dizziness. 


Soup diets have gotten well known for their capacity to assist you with shedding a lot of weight in only 5 to 10 days. Nonetheless, the greater part of the weight loss on these eating regimens is to a great extent because of lost water and not fat loss. Besides, as these eating plans are just intended to be followed for a brief period, you’ll likely gain back any weight you had the option to lose. Rather, as eating soup may assist in checking your hunger and lessen calorie consumption throughout the day, it’s better for you to be joining soups into a balanced, less rigid weight reduction eating plan for long-term achievement.

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