What These 9 Fingernail Signs Say About Your Health

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You must have heard how eyes tell everything. But have you heard that your nails can tell about your health? Yes, nails are usually ignored by people but their appearance can tell a lot about your health. The first signs of disease or infection occur on the nails. Let us find out what different colours or textures of nails indicate.

1. Rippled nails


You should know that your fingernail must be smooth on the surface. It could be an early sign of eczema, psoriasis, or inflammatory arthritis if it is seen that it ripples or forms pitting. Various websites made a statement that Iron deficiency anemia may further cause vertical ridges as well as alterations to your nails that turn them in the shape of concave or spoon-shaped. The reason behind ridges in fingernails can also be a deficiency of zinc, calcium, or vitamin A. Discoloration of nails is another indication where nails turn reddish-brown. 

2. White nails

Liver issues such as hepatitis can be detected if you notice that the nail bed is mostly white and there is the presence of dark rims closer to the top. As stated, the appearance of pale nails may also signal medical issues like liver disease (jaundice), heart disease, anemia, or malnutrition. 

3. Yellow nails

The most common reason for the appearance of yellow nails is a fungal infection. If the problem continues, the fingernails might persists and deteriorate and further turns think and shred or crumble. It is stated by other websites that “In other situations, nails that continue to be yellow in spite of going through treatment can be an indication of diabetes, thyroid factors or psoriasis. In extraordinary conditions, yellow nails can signal the forming of skin cancer. Yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is a condition that appears when you notice yellow nails for long duration and lymphatic or respiratory issues. 

4. Blue nails

Bluish tint visible in your nails indicate that there isn’t sufficient oxygen present. This can emphasize on lung issue like emphysema. You can also detect heart problems when nails start to appear bluish.

5. Cracked nails


If you witness cracking or splitting of nails, then it is a sign of fungal infection. If chemicals like household cleaning products are not the reason behind the damage of nail cracking, then it could be connected with thyroid conditions. It has been stated that there is a possibility that hypothyroidism can be caused due to cracking of nails. Hypothyroidism is a medical problem where the thyroid gland is declared underactive and fails to produce sufficient hormones. Other indications of hypothyroidism are- fatigue, joint pain, weakness, heavy menstrual time, and weight gain unintentionally. 

6. Clubbing nails

When you notice that the nails have taken rounded shape and there is swelling of tips of the fingers, these are signs od clubbing nails. It is known to have a slow pace and can possibly take several years before it comes to attention. As per researchers, nail clubbing can, at times, conclude in a low level of oxygen in the blood and further indicate various kinds of lung infections. Nail clubbing, on various levels, been linked with AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, liver, and cardiovascular disease. 

7. Puffy nail fold

Paronychia is an infection that shows symptoms such as puffy skin on the edges of the nail bed, redness, and swelling.  This infection is quite common and can easily be treated by the consumption of antibiotics. Puffy nails are also associated with a disorder. Various studies said that it may be a conclusion of lupus or some other connective tissue disorder. 

8. Nails with dark lines beneath

Don’t let this symptom go unnoticed. Dark lines forming beneath your nail might be because of an injury where blood clotting takes place beneath the nail and hence, dark lines can be seen. If injury is not the reason, then this condition should be taken to the doctor immediately. Some researchers say it can be a signal of cancer. There is a possibility that this problem is formed by melanoma which is known as the most dangerous kind in the category of skin cancer. 

9. Gnawed nails

Few people have the habit of biting their nails. It may not seem as crucial in the front but in a few cases, it shows strong signs of strong anxiety that needs to be treated. Nail-biting is also associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is recommended to get it checked before it turns crucial. Nail-biting also transfers a lot of germs to your mouth which then easily enter your body and cause damage. 


Even though nail transformation can be linked with various health conditions, there should not be treated at initial signs of the conditions. Many nail changes are harmless. It would be stupid to ignore the warning signs so it is best to consult a doctor or dermatologist just to be sure. 

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