Sunday Lawn Care Review

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If you have a lawn in your home, you might need to take care of it in order to keep it healthy and flourishing. Sunday is an excellent DIY lawn care company or rather a “One Stop Solution” for your dry or dead lawns which makes it very easy to take care of your lawns. It’s a subscription-based company so you don’t have to go to the store and carry the fertilizers and pesticides in your home, it will be automatically delivered to your doorstep based on your subscription. In this article, we’ll dive deep into Sunday and explore their company and products.

About Sunday Lawn care

Traditional lawn care is an antiquated, brute force approach that lays down 90,000,000 pounds of pesticides each year. It makes soil and grass dependent on chemical inputs which are good for their business but bad for your lawn. Coulter Lewis, the founder of Sunday, first came up with the idea of introducing natural pesticides, custom nutrients, and cutting plant science to help dead grass grow. This way it helps you cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy lawn that’s more self-sustaining. And it’s more convenient because all the things you for lawn care will deliver directly to your doorstep. Let’s see how Sunday Lawn care works.

How It works

Sunday Lawn Care is customized for your soil’s exact needs. You first have to input your address, to start their free soil, climate, and lawn analysis. This will determine exactly what their lawn needs in each season. Using satellite imagery, the team at Sunday Lawn Care will measure your lawn to help decide the number of products that need to be sent. they have an annual subscription service that will send every product your soil needs and soil testing kits according to your soil’s needs.  Rather than come in a messy and dusty solid, Sunday uses liquid pouches that can be attached to your hose for application via a convenient built-in hose spray connector. This makes the application process a lot less messy and a lot easier.

Sunday Smart Lawn Plan subscription Review

Sunday Smart Lawn Plans include multiple shipments of nutrient pouches throughout the growing season (February though November, depending on climate and time of year ordered), as well as a soil testing kit in the first shipment.
The total number of pouches in a plan, as well as price, are determined by lawn size and time of year purchased. Plans are generated by our lawn software, which uses satellite imagery, parcel data, and climate history to determine which nutrients and how many pouches to send.
Sunday offers 3 subscription plan options. These include:
Basic Plan:
  • Multiple shipments of nutrient pouches designed to feed your lawn and enrich your soil health, plus a soil testing kit to further customize your plan
Keep & Protect:
  • The Basic Plan, plus postemergence weed control
Grow & Renew:
  • The Keep & Protect, plus either grass seed OR an additional nutrient pouch(es). Product selection depends on your region
Sunday Smart Lawn care Subscription priced around $89. All plans automatically renew between February and April, depending on geographical location. Your plan option will remain the same and contain the same number of pouches for each full season unless your lawn size has changed.

Sunday Lawn Care Seeds Review

If you want to grow grass in your lawn then these are the perfect products for you. Their unique blends include elite seed varieties that increase drought tolerance, improve water efficiency, and boost fungal resistance. They offer different type of seeds such as:

  1. Fescue Rescue
  2. Kentucky’s Best 
  3. Shade Select 
  4. Bermuda Time
  5. Lucky Lawn

These grass seed packs are not included in their smart lawn subscription, so you have to buy these differently. These seed packs will cost you around $34 – $49.

Cancellation And Refund Policy

You can cancel your subscription at any time. For that, you need to contact their customer support team, If your subscription is canceled before a box ship, the cost of that box and any future shipments will be refunded. However, once the box is shipped, they are not able to offer refunds. You can contact them here:

Are Sunday Products Safe For Your Kids and Pets?

Sunday products are designed with safety in mind, so we are extremely selective about not only the ingredients they use but also the lawn and garden techniques they recommend.

Their ingredients break down quickly and don’t persist in the environment. After our products dry, you can get back to playing outside right away. So, it’s completely safe for your kids and pets.

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