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Yoga Design Lab is renowned for producing colorful, high-performance yoga mats and accessories using sustainable materials and collaborating with socially conscious manufacturers. While they are aware that leaving no environmental footprint is impossible, they are dedicated to trying to do so as little as possible. Their mission is to provide products that are earth-friendly in order to improve the globe for the coming generation.

About Yoga Design Lab

On a trip to Bali, the concept for Yoga Design Lab first came to mind. Chad Turner, the company’s creator, noticed a sea of generic, mass-produced yoga mats in plain colors as he turned to look around. He reasoned that there must be a way to design a product that was both extremely practical and aesthetically pleasing. As the inspiration built, our journey got underway. The LIVE BEAUTIFUL Yoga Design Lab method was developed by fusing fashion-forward design components with cutting-edge functionality and bio-renewable consciousness.

They think that everyone can start by making better choices for the environment, from their hot yoga mats made of biodegradable natural tree rubber and 15 recycled plastic bottles apiece to the water-based inks utilized in our printed designs.

Some of the ways they ensure the sustainable development of their products are:

Recycled Microfiber: They proudly use recycled PET in a range of their products to prevent plastic from ending up in landfills and the ocean. Our Combo Mats, Towels, Bags, and Bolsters are made from a material made from recycled plastic bottles that is incredibly absorbent. Using R-PET is not only good for the environment, but this “suede-like” material offers amazing grip, absorption and cozy softness to our yoga products.

Renewable Cork: The outer bark of the cork oak tree is used to make their cork mats, wheels, and blocks. There are no trees cut down to collect cork since cork trees are the only trees in the world that can recover stripped bark. To ensure that each tree fully regenerates, the bark is instead manually taken off every nine years.

Natural Rubber: Their mats’ bottom layer is constructed from natural tree rubber that is sustainable, non-Amazonian, and delivers a distinctive springy ride that protects joints while yet being stable and supportive for any pose. Natural rubber offers greater cushioning and maintains its position on the floor better than foam base layers.

Additionally, they print our product designs using water-based inks that are non-toxic. They are continuously working to reduce waste and are changing our packaging to include recycled kraft paper labels and boxes.

Best Selling Products

Combo Yoga Mat Pearl

This yoga mat is for those of you who enjoy working up a sweat! For the best in stability and sweat control, a natural rubber base layer is fused to a top layer of environmentally friendly, ultra-absorbent microfiber. Actually “moisture activated,” this mat becomes stickier as it dries off.

Buy now on Yoga Design Lab for $95.00.

Cork Yoga Mat – Floral Batik Coral

Despite the fact that natural cork offers the best wet and dry grip, it is also the best material for heated and hot yoga courses because, as the temperature rises, cork starts to loosen and soften, making it easier to grip. Additionally, it is moisture-activated and gets stickier as you perspire. The finest option for traction without a towel, according to nature! Cork is also closed-cell and naturally anti-microbial, sealing out moisture & resisting odor and bacteria from sweat.

Buy now at Yoga Design Lab for $100.00.

Infinity Yoga Mat Mandala Aqua

With their most adaptable yoga mat, experience the optimal fusion of high-performance grip and luxurious performance.  This anti-slip base has our own sleek and distinctively textured design, which gives exceptional grip in any circumstance.

Buy now at Yoga Design Lab for $95.00.

Curve Yoga Mat Mandala Turquoise

Experiment outside of the box! You have the opportunity to push your limits thanks to the Curve Mat’s special hourglass shape, which was created to accommodate the contours of the human body. You can easily flow thanks to the somewhat larger size without worrying about rolling off your mat. This mat is for people who are taller or who simply like to stretch out widely.

Buy now at Yoga Design Lab for $95.00.

Flow Yoga Mat Mandala Lavender

For people who are new to yoga or who want to incorporate it into their workout regimen on occasion, this ultra-cushioned, lightweight mat is perfect. a fantastic all-around balance of comfort, toughness, and performance.

Buy now at Yoga Design Lab for $48.00.

Yoga Wheel Cork Floral Batik Tonal

Designed to help open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors gently and effectively.

Buy now at Yoga Design Lab for $68.00.

Shipping and Returns

Orders within the Continental United States that total $75 or more receive free ground shipping. Shipping charges will be incurred for shipments made outside of the continental United States. APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office), international orders, and wholesale orders are also not eligible for free shipping.

Returns or exchanges for purchases made on can be made within 30 days of the order receipt date and if the product is in it’s original, unused condition and re-packaged in it’s original packaging. Items marked final sale are not eligible for returns or exchanges.


Yoga Design Lab Combo mat is a desirable piece of yoga equipment due to its environmentally friendly manufacturing process and commitment to humanitarian organizations that benefit young people. Because, well, who doesn’t want to support both those in need and the economy!

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