Caldera + Lab Review

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These days, finding a solid men’s skincare regimen might be challenging. We adore finding businesses that are trying to be different, more forward-thinking, ethical, and all-around great, like Caldera Lab. We’ll put their products to the test in this review to determine if all-natural, scientifically supported skincare lives up to the hype.

About Caldera Lab

Caldera Lab the good inside packaging

A well-known American company called Caldera + Lab has built a reputation for producing powerful skincare products that are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. They are dedicated to quality, which entails finding the greatest ingredients possible from all over the world, evaluating their effectiveness at various dosages, and arduously testing the outcomes over the course of years of research.

They also intentionally established very high standards for themselves in terms of ethical and environmental behavior. Their cruelty-free testing practices have earned them the endorsements of both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. They are also a Certified B Corporation, which implies they don’t prioritize profit over issues like environmental impact, public openness, and legal accountability.

The fact that they are certified Made Safe, which implies they willingly opened their production facility’s doors to outside inspectors to look for toxicity vulnerabilities in their production process, is what I found to be the most amazing of all. That’s unusual in the famously unregulated health, wellness, and beauty industries.

Caldera Lab Products

The Clean Slate – Balancing Cleanser

Clean Slate Cleanser

This lightweight, breakthrough pH-balanced cleanser uses gentle plant-based cleansing, leaving all skin types sublimely refreshed.The clean slate comes in a sleek, all-black bottle with gold lettering, with a solid pump to dispense the cleanser itself.

The Clean Slate applies quickly and smoothly, and is easily washed off. It’s designed to balance your skin’s natural pH levels, marshalling a dizzyingly large list of ingredients to get the job done: citric acid, sea silt extract, xanthan gum, and something called “Vetiveria Zizanoides root extract,” to name just a few of the many 100% vegan, plant-based, and non-GMO components.

The Base Layer- Fortifying Moisturizer

Base Layer Moisturizer

A nutrient-rich, nourishing day moisturizer that absorbs quickly and leaves you with a matte finish will let you face the day with assurance. When you screw and unscrew the lid of the Base Layer’s low, cylindrical glass container, it generates a really pleasing sound. I’ve always used squeezable or pump bottles for moisturizer, but I enjoy applying moisturizer from jars just as much.

The actual moisturizer is thin and absorbs rapidly without making your face shiny or greasy.

The Good – Multifunctional Serum

The Good Serum

The benefit is that a multi-functional serum that has been clinically confirmed to work can replace all of your nighttime skincare products except for your cleanser in a single step. 27 active ingredients make up this serum, which is administered for a full four weeks. To make this serum as pure as possible, all ingredients were wild-harvested, non-genetically modified, and organic.

Notable components include apricot kernel oil, echinacea, fireweed, spilanthes, prickly pear oil, nettle, and yarrow, which I’ve never seen in other skincare lines. Fireweed increases the formation of collagen, whilst apricot kernel oil is high in fatty acids and makes the skin look tighter, smoother, and cleaner.

A heavyweight ceramic dropper container with a wood and glass dropper holds The Good. The weight of the bottle itself subliminally conveys its superiority. Press the top button on the dropper while it is still in the container to pull the liquid into it, and then drip 6–8 drops onto your hand.

How To Use

1. Start Your Day or Night With The Clean Slate: With damp hands, create a lather out of one pump of cleanser, then massage your face with it. Towel dry after rinsing.

2. Hydrate and Nourish WithThe Base Layer: After using The Clean Slate, apply a small amount to face and neck. If needed, follow with an SPF of your choice.

Shipping and Returns

Orders typically leave our U.S. facilities in 1-2 business days of receiving and arrive at your door 3–4 days later. Orders shipped internationally using DHL Expedited Worldwide with paid delivery duties. fast and easy A similar experience to what you’ve come to expect from them. When your order ships, we’ll send you an email with a tracking number so you can follow it to your door.

Currently, they deliver to the US, Canada, the entirety of the EU, and nearly all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Singapore, with many more markets on the horizon.

They offer a “No Questions Asked!” guarantee on all of their transactions. 60-day money-back promise. Please get in touch with us if you’re upset for any reason. You may keep the bottle, and you will receive a full refund from them. It’s that easy.

Bottom Line

Caldera + Lab is a premium skincare line that goes above and beyond to find and test high-quality ingredients. That demonstrate how serious they are, consider the fact that they are one of the few companies to fund their own clinical investigations to ensure the efficacy of their formulae. Even before you use their products, you can feel the effort and polish. Caldera + Lab is the ideal place to start if you want to advance your skincare regimen.

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