Pillow Slides Review

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It’s easy to see why consumers can’t get enough of the cushioned, two-inch rubber platform sandals known as “pillow slides,” which were a major TikTok trend lately. The majority of pillow slide designs are composed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam, a light synthetic rubber with a springy, rubbery sensation that is made of a dense, waterproof foam polymer. Due to its superior shock-absorbing capabilities, the lightweight, strong material is frequently utilized to create yoga mats, orthotics, and the outer soles of footwear. Pillow slides provide several advantages over typical lounge slipper shoes, including improved comfort, cushioning, durability, and ease of cleaning. They work best for wearing on the beach, at the gym after working out, or just around the house. Let’s see some of their products and review them.

Pillow Slides Products

Men’s Pillow Slides

Image 01 - Men's Pillow Slides Sandals Ultra-Soft Slippers Extra Soft Anti-Slip Home Bath

The slippers have a tiny recess to completely suit your feet, a 15° upturn from toe to tail, a fitting angle that balances pressure, and an ergonomic design. more relaxed to wear. This pair of massage slippers has a 1.6-inch thick EVA sole, which makes you taller and more wear-resistant than other pairs of plastic slippers for the home. The Pillow Slides Slippers’ sole and interior both include raised, wave- and diamond-shaped patterns to prevent slipping. Double safety, double anti-slip. Better suited for bathroom use.

Buy at pillow slides for $29.95  $69.99.

Pillow Slides For Women

There is virtually little discomfort when walking on slides that have acupressure stimulators and massage acupoints imprinted onto them. Functions of stress reduction, blood circulation stimulation, and muscle relaxation For outdoor, indoor, and any other casual occasion, the diamond pattern and raised design, pure colour, and casual style are extremely suited. The best wearing comfort and deodorization function are provided by the lightweight, strong EVA material with Ag+ ion. No-slip footwear design with diamond-shaped raised design, fine selected High-Elastic EVA material, has good slide resistance, coupled with the pressure of the human body weight increased friction to preserve balance better, certainly ideal for bathroom wearing.

Buy now at Pillow Slides for $29.95  $69.99.

Pillow Puffs

Step into heaven to experience unending foot comfort. The Pillow Puffs are comfy, thick, and soft, easing joint and foot pain. Utilizing utune-compression foam technology, the pillow puffs are made to absorb your body’s natural pressure points and offer you therapeutic relief from hip, joint, and foot discomfort.

Buy now at Pillow Slides for $29.95  $69.99.

Returns And Refunds

They give a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all products that are defective or damaged during shipping or if they ship you the wrong size. Simply inform them and attach images, and they will immediately send you a replacement or issue a refund.
They provide a 30-day return window starting from the day an order is delivered to your address.

Return inquiries can be sent to support@pillowslides.com.


Once your order has reached the shipping company it will take the following time frame to be delivered to you.

USA: 1 – 3 Days

Canada: 7 – 21 Days

Australia: 7 – 21 days

New Zealand: 8 – 21 days.

Europe: – 21 days

Latin America: 10 – 25 days

Other countries: 12 – 30 days

There can be delays due to new COVID protocols and local shipping companies in your city being overwhelmed with more orders than they’ve ever experienced during the holidays.


You may wear these pillow slides with warm socks all day long because they are so comfortable. They remain in brand-new condition wherever they go. I had no idea they could be washed in a washing machine and come out looking fresh new! I would be happy to purchase additional pairs of cushion slides. Please try it out.

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