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If you’re a tennis lover and you want an instructor to learn tennis or a partner who can challenge you then playyourcourt is the best platform for you. It is a platform where you can find local instructors whom you can learn from, also you can find various challenges for you. You can also play with tennis players in your area. A convenient messaging system allows contacting the players directly with text messaging alerts. The site also has a wide variety of instructions for beginners to advanced-level players. Let’s dig deep and explore more about playyourcourt.

How It Works?

On PlayYourCourt to play matches or to practice you first have to join their private community. In their community section, there are three options based on what you want to play, practice matches, normal matches, or both. After choosing the right option for you, they’ll ask you about your gender. Then you can see various options of skill levels, you can choose any of the options depending on your skill level in tennis. Like if you’re an absolute beginner you can choose NTRP 2.5. Then to check if they’re available in your area, you can type your postal code, after that you can join their community to get started by filling the form.

After signing up you will set your availability, preferred court, and preferences so they can immediately match you with local players. You can get instant access to their video vault to begin fixing problem areas in your game.


PlayYourCourt offers 3 types of pricing options for community membership.

Monthly plan: In the monthly plan you’ll always have someone to play tennis with you, play unlimited matches without expensive leagues or team drama also you can track your results and watch yourself improve. It starts at $7.99 per month.

Annual plan: In the annual plan, you can avail all those things in the monthly plan along with discount lesson pricing with local PYC coaches, a $10 tennis gift card, and a free mystery gift. You can save up to 31% on the annual option which is starting from $59.99 per year.

Plus Membership:  With plus membership, you will get premium video courses, live training calls and video analysis. starts with $9.99 per month.

How To Hire A Coach?

PlayYourCourt lets you hire tennis coaches from your locality. You can view their profile and their experience in tennis. To hire them you have to check their availability during the week and hire them to the nearest tennis court to learn from them. Their pricing is around $80 to $120 per hour for a 6 or 12 lessons package.

Compete In Tennis Leagues

You can also join their seasonal tennis league to play and compete for a spot in the national championship. The season starts with 4 weeks of round-robin pool play to determine tournament seeds, all players are then entered into a multi-week tournament to determine a local winner. During pool and tournament play you will schedule one match a week with your assigned opponent at a time and location that works for you.


PlayYourCourt is a great platform to learn and play tennis to up your skills and compete with other players. They have an active community of 35,000+ members. Hiring coaches and playing challenges is very convenient and pricing is also low. We recommend you to try out their services.


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